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Never Stop Striving

"Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to be better." -Pat Riley

One of the most common questions to ask someone we meet is, "What do you do?" It's a friendly enough way to find out more about a person, yet how many times do we, or those we're talking to, brush it off and move on to talk about something else?

What if instead of asking what you do, we asked, "What are you currently striving and working towards?"

What are we working towards in terms of our passion projects, side hustles, certifications, and careers?

What are we striving towards in our families, our friend groups, and our relationships with others?

What are we working towards in our health, wellness, and overall fitness?

It can be so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind that we forget about what makes us excited and driven. This past weekend was a great example of individuals striving. While watching a local fitness competition, it was clear that the athletes competing are driven to maximize their potential. The event was not televised on ESPN, yet the level of effort and competitive fire seen by those in attendance was incredible to watch. The athletes showed up, competed outdoors in heat that rivaled the surface of the sun, and pushed to their physical limits in terms of strength, stamina, and speed.

When we are striving towards something meaningful to us, we align our thoughts, decisions, behaviors, and habits towards the pursuit. It brings excitement and energy to our day.

So, what is it that we're striving for at this point in our lives? Is it something work-related? Health-related? Family-related? Once we know what it is we're working towards, what are we doing each day along the pursuit?

Don't ever let age, experience, skill level, or other people's opinions impact our pursuit.

Another great example of striving from this weekend is Dogwood Media. This company is working towards providing incredible content in the fitness space through video and photography services. Check out a teaser of what they captured from the weekend of athletes competing at the Shoofly Lift-off!

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