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How Far We've Come

As we work towards our goals and aspirations, it can be so easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves to other people, beating ourselves up for not making progress faster, and getting so wrapped up in what we want to accomplish that we forget to notice the progress we are making.

We live in a world that is constantly looking for instant gratification. From losing weight and gaining muscle fast programs, to getting rich quick schemes, to growing our presence on social media and gaining lots of followers, we are constantly being told that faster is better and that if we aren't seeing results immediately, then it's time to change our process and find a better way to do things. Is there a problem with having a desire to move the needle quickly and make moves towards our vision? What is the downside to only judging ourselves compared to other people?

As we continue to find ways to get 1% better every day, it can feel like an eternity before we notice a difference. We may feel like we'll never be able to save money or pay down debt at the rate we're moving. We may feel like we'll never be at the fitness level that we desire. We may feel like we'll never achieve the promotion or job opportunity we are working towards. How can we handle the in-between moments of where we are now and where we want to be? One way to fuel our fire is to continue making progress check-ins along the way.

Having photos, current lifting numbers, body composition, personal best numbers, or a financial overview gives us a chance to notice the difference over time. Maybe we have added a couple of pounds to the reps and sets we are accomplishing at the gym. Maybe we have been able to save up a few extra dollars each month or pay down loans a little bit faster than scheduled. Maybe our clothes are fitting a little bit better compared to two months ago. Along the way, it's critical for us to stop and notice just how far we have come.

In the battle to becoming who we aspire to be, the big wins only come from constant, small, daily wins. It's being aware of the small, daily wins that lets us know we're on the right track. These small wins are based on our own experiences and decisions. They add up over time, which is why we're looking for ways to move the needle just 1% every day.

The goal for us this week is to take a moment or two and reflect on how far we have come compared to where we were one month ago, six months ago, or years ago. Notice where things went well and where we can continue to improve. It's time to stop and notice how far we've come!

*Making progress on a tough movement during the final workout for the 2020 Crossfit Open

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