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Define Your Greatness

If we could put a definition to greatness, what would it be?

Would it be about achievements earned?

Would it be about longevity and performing at a high level?

Would it be limited to a select few who are head and shoulders above everyone else?

Would it be about money earned and the value others place on the individual?

If we were asked to identify people who have demonstrated greatness, it would be pretty easy to name them. However, would we be able to put ourselves on that list?

Watching humans achieve physical feats that capture our attention, such as the World Cup, the Super Bowl, free soloing El Capitan, and the CrossFit Games, can make it feel like greatness is only for a select few who have been genetically gifted with physical talents combined with a relentless work ethic. There is no doubt that this combination is a solid foundation for achievement. Yet, are there other ways greatness can be demonstrated?

If we want to achieve greatness in our own way, then it begins with defining what it is that we are striving and working towards. How would we define greatness in our own personal way? It could be working to provide an opportunity for our families to have a better life. It could be finishing a 5k or half-marathon that seemed impossible not that long ago. It may be taking a risk and betting on ourselves by starting our own business. It could be consistently keeping a mindfulness practice that is allowing us to be more present, aware, and calm in dealing with other people.

Greatness is not reserved for a select few, but instead, it is about commitment and dedication to getting better every single day. All of the major feats and accolades we and others have earned have not been accomplished in one day. In the same way, greatness is not achieved or lost in one day. It is the sum of numerous daily choices that puts us closer to greatness.

The challenge for us this week is to define what greatness means in our own lives. Break out a pen and paper and write down the characteristics and traits of greatness. Be sure to define what it will look and feel like to be achieving greatness.

"Greatness is a lot of small things done well everyday."

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