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You Are an Expert

“You already possess everything necessary to become great.”

– Crow Proverb

Statements like this are why the journey that we pursue is so important. The journey is NOT meant to lead us down a pre-determined path that others feel is best for us. The journey is intended to facilitate self-discovery of the path that is meant for us. We are the experts on ourselves! We mentioned in a previous blog post that Focus Unlimited operates from a strengths-based perspective when it comes to mental training. We also believe that mental training is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. All individuals, teams, and organizations are unique in how they perform at their best. With this in mind, how can we possibly prescribe one tip, trick, or skill to help everyone? WE CAN’T! This blog is not intended to simply provide various hacks and quick tricks to increase your mental game (hint: those do not exist). Instead, it’s purpose is to help you on your journey towards realizing your potential, learning through trial and error, growing through success and adversity, and finding ways to move your individual needle a little bit each day.

We believe that everything you need to be great is already inside you, and the fun part is the journey to bring it out. The attitude, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, desire, motivation, vision, and confidence all come from inside you. If you’re looking to find these from others or are relying on outside sources to provide them, it is a recipe for disaster. You are the expert on how you think, feel, and operate at your best. It is your job to become more intimately tuned in to how you can be your best. It’s an opportunity to discover and bring to light the strengths that makes you great in your own way. When we choose to be more mindful of the characteristics we embody, we become stronger, motivated, determined, and more FOCUSed human-beings. With this in mind, our exercise for today will challenge you to identify your strengths as a person.

What is it that you possess that has lead you to overcome struggles and achieve success?

Click here to access your mental exercise for this week.

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