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Stronger than My Doubts

We all experience doubts, insecurities, and uncertainty.

Sometimes, the voice is small, and we can squash it. Other times, the voice is screaming in our head and causes us to question if we have the capacity to actually be successful. We all want to be in control of the voice in our heads and have it tuned to confidence. However, there seems to be times when we are putting in the hard work, dedication, and consistency, but there still seems to be doubts.

So, how can we become stronger than our doubts?

It begins by bringing awareness to the conversation that is constantly going on in our heads. That little voice that sometimes is quiet and sometimes is loud has as much power as we give it. We can think of our thoughts as data, data that can be observed, analyzed, and learned from. What are the trends and patterns we notice with our thoughts? Are they debilitating and crippling our ability to show up and perform our best? Do they support and encourage us to overcome whatever challenges come our way?

This is exactly where mental training comes into play. Can we do the work outside of the arena to better understand how we operate at our best so that when the lights are turned on, we can access the confident, switched on, best version of ourselves? We can train our craft by putting in countless hours of repetitions, but are we training our mind, which controls the whole system?

To become stronger than our doubts, we have to combine physical and mental training. We can earn the right to be mentally strong by understanding that the way we talk to ourselves matters. We can be strong by calling BS on ourselves when that little voice says we can't because we know we've put the time and effort into our training. We can override our fear-filled DNA and replace it with confident, supportive, and encouraging self-talk. We can make all of the time spent practicing actually matter by using those experiences as evidence to support our earned right to be stronger than our doubts.

If we want to continue to crush our doubts, then we can build our mental game in these three ways -

1) Tune into our thoughts and self-talk more consistently. We can sit with our thoughts and build an awareness of the way we communicate with ourselves. We can't overcome doubts if we don't know when or why those thoughts of insecurities arise.

2) Identify what's it like to perform and be our best. What does it look like, sound like, and feel like to be operating at our peak? If we can identify how we want to be, then we can train and cultivate that every day.

3) When doubts and insecurities come, realize those thoughts are just data and that we can learn from them and don't have to accept them as truth. Moments that matter to us will cause our brains to find all the reasons why it may not work. That is part of our DNA. We can notice those thoughts, appreciate our brains for trying to protect us, and then shift to how we want to think and feel in the moment to perform our best.

An amazing example of being stronger than our doubts captured by Dogwood Media!

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