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Set Your Vision

"If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you." - Steve Jobs

What are you striving for or pushing towards? Is there a specific outcome you’re hoping to achieve? New Year’s has come and passed along with the 80% of resolutions that have failed by this time of year. That is a staggering stat for folks who want to do or be something different than they were the previous year. Words and concepts like goal setting, motivation, desire, behavior change, and the like are tossed around as the answer to moving towards what we want. If we are truly interested in moving towards a better version of ourselves, then it would be helpful to identify what that better version is. So far, we have identified the characteristics of what it’s like to be our best and the struggles that stop us. We looked at our strengths and the values we display on a consistent basis. The next step is to be clear about how you want to look, feel, and be in the future. This is called your vision. Steve Jobs speaks to how powerful a vision can be in continuing to progress. If you have a vision, you don’t have to be pushed or driven by an outside force. Having a vision and then aligning your thoughts, actions, behaviors and habits with that vision provides a direction and makes daily decisions that much easier. Is there anything more important than working on yourself and caring for yourself?

As you start to craft or refine the vision you have, it’s important to note that a vision is not an end destination that is outside of our control. To say, “I want to be champion in my age division” or “I want to earn a specific amount of money each year” assumes you have full control over that outcome. We want to build our vision around how we want to be and feel. An example of an effective vision statement could be, “I want to be the healthiest and strongest version of myself” or “I want to be the hardest worker in the room who is also reliable.” These statements allow the individual to make decisions and build habits around working towards these vision statements. The vision must precede the journey because it frames our beliefs and our actions. It provides the blueprint for what we are willing to prioritize and follow through with in an effort to be that future self.

Humans are wired to build community and tribes around a shared endeavor. If we believe in what a cause or company stands for, we are willing to donate our time, money, and efforts towards it. If you believed in the cause and vision you have for yourself and your future, how much time, money, and effort would you be willing to invest in yourself? The vision you set for yourself can pull you forward toward being the best version of yourself. Our mental training exercise for the week is to take some time to craft a vision for yourself.

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