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Love the Process of Learning

What is your relationship with learning?

Does it bring up bad memories of school that included all nighters, cram sessions, and classes you can't remember anything from?

Are you the type who is always reading a book, listening to podcasts, watching youtube videos, and taking in information?

Do you wish you knew how to learn more effectively?

Whether we enjoy learning or not, the way in which we learn makes a huge difference in the mentality we take to getting better in any field. Understanding the mechanics of how to learn is critical if we want to reach our potential.

To better understand the mechanics of learning we have to start with our mindset. A mindset is a patterned way of thinking we take towards our skills, talents, abilities, performances, and getting better. If we are aware of our mindset towards learning, then we have a much better opportunity to shift and change our mindset to our advantage.

Curious about what type of mindset sets us up for success better than others? Check out this video with Trevor Ragan from The Learner Lab to learn more about how we can set our minds to learn most effectively!

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