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Everyday is Another Opportunity

"Success isn't owned, it's leased. And rent is due everyday." -J.J. Watt

This weekend kicked off the 2019 NFL season, and with it, every player, team, fan, and fantasy football owner dreams of ending the season on top. Now that it's Monday, the realization may be setting in that things may not go the way we want. Teams perform below expectations, and athletes who were a sure lock to be fantasy football studs did not put up the stats to be expected. Then, there are the teams and athletes that crushed it in week one and surprised everyone. Whether the season started with some victorious trash talk or ended by throwing things at the TV, how do we approach week two?

Whether we experience success or learning moments, the way we attack the next day matters. Do we allow past successes to make us complacent? After a setback, do we throw in the towel?

We don't have to allow our past performances to dictate our future! Every day is a new opportunity to progress and move towards the vision we have for ourselves. There will be days where everything clicks and all of the work we are putting in pays off. Then, there will be moments when it seems like everything we've been working towards is for nothing. Regardless of what happened yesterday, today is the best moment to do something that moves us forward.

The football season is a grueling six months long. Every team has the same goal: to end the season by hoisting the Lombardi trophy in February. The difference between a playoff contender and a team that gets a top 10 draft pick the next year is so small. It comes down to focusing on the choices that will move the needle even 1% every day.

Striving towards our goals and aspirations can be grueling as well. Working towards a job promotion after years of experience. Building a business from the ground up. Chasing down a half marathon that we have never completed before. All of these goals will require hours of effortful work. If we allow one good or bad day to derail our progress, then we will never reach our potential.

The next time we allow a past performance to throw us off of making a decision that pushes us forward, we can remind ourselves that our past performances don't dictate what we can do today. Learn from the good and bad, and then, determine what can be done today to move us toward!

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