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Consistency is Everything

How hard is it to stay committed to something for one week? One month? One year? Five years?

We live in a world that is constantly changing and pulling us in different directions. It can be so difficult to stay committed to anything for more than a day. We try out a new fitness routine as soon as we see and hear about it from friends. We change our eating habits to the newest diet fad because it promises great results in a short time period. We see what other people are doing on social media and want to change our lives to look like theirs.

It's no wonder why it is hard to be consistent with anything in our lives these days. The problem with being inconsistent is that it prevents us from growing, progressing, and getting a little bit better everyday. If we want to see the big results and achieve the lofty aspirations we set in our lives, then being consistent in our approach of attacking them is our only chance of success.

If we look at the mathematics of getting either 1% better or worse each day, we can see that over time, it adds up immensely.

What this graph is showing us is that over the course of one year, if we stay consistent in our approach and get 1% better everyday, then we will be 37 times better off! Could you imagine what this would look like with our fitness, nutrition, performance, finances, and relationships? Making small, consistent decisions that are in line with our vision will yield the best results.

The challenge for this week is to determine the areas of our lives we want to be more consistent with. Once we have identified those areas, the next step is to hold ourselves accountable by staying consistent in our actions and getting 1% better everyday. It may be something as simple as reading everyday, setting aside a certain amount of money everyday, meditating everyday, being active everyday, eating a healthy meal everyday, or practicing your craft everyday.

Find ways to get 1% everyday and play the long game over the quick fix.

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