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Biggest Fan or Worst Enemy?

"Confidence is the ability to fully commit to the moment with the thoughts and evidence to back it up."

What is the relationship you have with the voice in your head? Are you aware of the dialogue that is occurring on a moment-to-moment basis? There are times where we may have a great relationship with our thoughts. They support what we want to do, they push us and drive us towards the people we want to be, and they pick us up when we fall short. Then, there may be times where our thoughts are like a relationship gone bad. Our thoughts point out all of our flaws and reasons we can’t do something. They know exactly how to tear us down and make us feel weak or that we are not enough. Our thoughts can sometimes seem like a toxic relationship. One moment, they are our biggest fan and the love of our life, and the next, they can be cruel, destructive, and leave us feeling worthless. So, what do we do with this constant dialogue that is playing out in our head? How can we build our relationship with our thoughts to more consistently support who we want to be?

What dictates the thoughts we have in our head? Who is responsible for the type of inner dialogue we have with ourselves? Confidence is a choice, much like deciding whether or not we listen and give weight to the thoughts we experience on a moment-to-moment basis. Confidence is the ability to fully commit to the moment and have the thoughts and evidence to back it up. Confidence is the story you tell yourself. It’s the dialogue and conversation that is taking place in your head. Is that story allowing you to fully commit to the moment and bring your best self, or is it leaving you feeling small? To better understand and train confidence, we have to first identify the thoughts that support and drive us towards the person we want to be. When you think about the times in your life when your confidence was high and you fully committed to the moment, what were the types of thoughts you were experiencing in that moment? For some people, it’s as simple as, “I got this.” For others, it may be, “I’ve been preparing relentlessly for this moment- time to let it rip,” or, “This team has no chance in hell of stopping me today.”

This week’s challenge is to identify the thoughts that you experience when it is good to be you and when you are performing with your ideal competitive mindset. We'll tackle the evidence to back up these confident thoughts next week!

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