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Challenge Yourself Everyday!


Make a choice to challenge yourself every day!

Be intentional with how you subject yourself to things that will move the needle of self-expectations, and enhance your overall capacity mentally, physically, socially & emotionally. It's easier to limit ourselves by staying in our daily routine that creates the greatest comfort for us versus stepping off of that comfort zone to challenge ourselves to expand our horizons and grow in a new way.

An example of challenging yourself to expand in a new way has been fully adopted by one of our FOCUS team members as a participant in the SuperFit Games at Crossfit Embark this past Saturday. Stepping into a competitive realm is a great opportunity to discover new ways to expand your FOCUS to an Unlimited capacity. The developmental skills that can be challenged by competition result in event preparation, disciplined action, mental flexibility, competitive interaction, self-regulation, energy management, social support, and presence of mind which leads to respectable expansion and growth in all areas of overall health.

How do you choose to challenge yourself?

Congratulations Brad and Eric on pushing your limits to help your team finish 2nd place in the intermediate division of the SuperFit Games.

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