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Taking it to the next level with elite mind training!

Who is FOCUS Unlimited? What does FOCUS Unlimited do?

Find out more below about starting your ELITE MIND TRAINING now…

Our mission is to help teams, athletes, businesses and warriors develop what we call an “Elite Mindset.” We seek to ignite the motivation to go above and beyond conventional expectations. The end state of FOCUS Unlimited training is individuals and teams who attack adversity with confidence to thrive and dominate.

FOCUS Unlimited consists of a distinguished group of Performance Consultants who bring together an eclectic blend of work experience with men and women of all ages and interests.

Established in 2010, we provide combined service of counseling, psychology, adventure therapy, and sport sciences. We strongly believe in educational and experiential theories of learning to reach the next level of success. FOCUS Unlimited facilitates an environment where individuals can discover their strengths, learn to be mentally flexible and how to sustain an optimal level of confidence under stressful situations.

FOCUS Unlimited embraces that our company is one of the newest and most innovative services created in the field of performance enhancement psychology. There are many professionals in the field with an extensive amount of knowledge surrounding the work that we do, our fresh and innovative approach allows us to connect with young athletes in the most effective and interactive manner. This connection will have the most immediate impact on their performance.

The motivation of FOCUS Unlimited is to share our knowledge and experiences with those who are devoted to making a difference in their lives. We fully embrace that sport can be utilized as a vehicle in life. Our enthusiasm is fueled by the long-term impact of athletes beyond the realm of sports. As founders of FOCUS Unlimited – we feel our services are a representation of gratitude for what sport has given to us.

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