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To dab or not to dab…is that REALLY the question still?

Denver Broncos are taking a Lombardi trophy back to Colorado after a calculated win at Super Bowl 50. So, why are headlines and posts completely focused on Cam Newton, his performance, and then, more meticulously, his post game media coverage?

Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers took the NFL by storm in 2015. Not just winning games, but also winning with a style: a confident, boisterous, and savage style. This way of winning should challenge our beliefs of professional athlete behavior. Athletes should control their emotions and remain respectful at all times, right? They should not dab and dance in the end zone or with teammates after scoring a touchdown! “Back in my day, they would shake hands like men!”

Instead of analyzing the manner in which Cam Newton and the team played in the Super Bowl, did anyone stop to ask if Cam’s dabbing allowed him to perform to his fullest potential?

Every athlete has different thoughts, emotions, energy levels, and attitude that feed optimal performance. Peyton Manning appears to remain calm and composed while playing in high pressured situations like the Super Bowl. Tom Brady is fiery and calculated – while head-butting teammates. Cam Newton hands touchdown footballs to kids in the stands, has a celebration with the other quarterbacks on the team, and dabs. Do these actions help Cam generate the best thoughts, emotions, energy, and attitude to perform at his highest level? If so, then who has the right to judge or tell him different? Aren’t sports supposed to be unique, creative, and exciting? Do we not embrace the moments in life when elite athletes challenge our belief of human potential?

The face of the Carolina Panthers is Cam Newton, and along with that comes the burden of constant criticism. Cam found a way to perform at his highest level by playing for his teammates, having fun in the process, and crowning the “dab”. While Cam did not lead Carolina to a Super Bowl victory, he led his team in the best way that he knows how. A vastly different style than how Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, or Aaron Rodgers led their teams. Each individual brings his or her unique style, personality, and life experiences to the sport. This combination of human dynamics feed our desire and enjoyment of performance!

No two individuals are alike; we all have a distinct factor that makes us ‘tick’. Helping people enhance their awareness and reach their full potential is the name of the game. FOCUS Unlimited is full of passionate practitioners who understand this concept and do not market cookie cutter programs. They work diligently to understand the teams, athletes, and executives they work with in order to create an interactive and unique opportunity for growth and development.

If dabbing is helping Cam Newton reach his fullest potential, then that is the answer to the question. Just like the athlete who engages in imagery the night before a big game, a batter who has an extensive routine in the box, or a surgeon listening to music while preparing for a procedure. Elite performers use a variety of means to perform at their best when it matters most. Now, ask yourself this – what helps you perform at your highest level?

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